Five Keys to Fast Energy Work by LeRoy Malouf

There are a number of energy work modalities that target and remove specific root causes of symptoms (of pain, illness, injury, sadness, anger, depression, stress, fear, etc.). At the same time they dramatically increase a clients internal support for reaching their desired state. Seeing people’s Read More

“Nocebos” by LeRoy Malouf

Negative beliefs can be just as powerful – in the medical profession they are called Nocebos. Dr. Clifton Meador gives an example of a patient who had esophageal cancer. He states “Everyone in the medical profession knows that no one is cured from esophageal cancer”. Read More

Beware the Warnings

by LeRoy Malouf The Warnings Numerous experts, research studies, practitioners, and those selling products warn that we can be harmed daily by poor lifestyles; poor quality foods with low nutrient value and that contain antibiotics, growth hormones, harmful artificial colors and flavors, and additives; detergents; Read More

Women’s Breasts and Health

by LeRoy Malouf Cindy called to say, “While doing a self examination, I found a fast-growing, large marble size lump in my left breast. It is hard and about an inch in diameter. My doctor sent me to get a mammogram. Upon examining me the Read More