How does the Energetic Well Being Process© work?

This work is based on the premise that people want wellness and vitality, and that our bodies and spirits are “designed and constructed” to support us being in this state.

For example:

  • We get a cut, and it heals, we catch a disease and our body eliminates it and becomes stronger in repelling the disease again, and our immune response is flexible in dealing with agents that threaten our physical wellness.
  • Our body continuously creates new cells to replace dead or diseased cells or those that are not functioning well.
  • We get unhappy or “down” about our self or a situation, draw our energy in, then get an insight or idea about how to move ahead.  We then move forward with positive intent and excitement.

We do not always support our well-being.

The biggest paradox with us human beings is that we don’t support what we say we want, and we don’t let go of what we say we don’t want – we do not always support our wellness and vitality (consciously and unconsciously)! A vast majority of our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, assumptions, limitations, etc., make us weak and hinder our wellness, vitality and well-being, such as:

  • Thoughts and emotions – Self-judgment, judging others, ongoing anger, resentment, inferiority, superiority, guilt, fears
  • Beliefs – You can’t find people who want to do good work, there are no quality products anymore, you have to do it yourself, people (who don’t think like me) are stupid, drivers don’t care about anyone else
  • Assumptions – There’s no sense placing the ad, no one will respond, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, My friend is always late….
  • Limitations – There is only so much one person can do, helplessness, holding onto to the past and to the way that used to work….

These patterns are energy blockages. They consist of conscious and non-conscious overlapping layers of emotions, beliefs, experiences and memories which do not foster our well being. They limit the world we live in – they get in the way of what we want. We get them from our ancestors, our parents and relatives, the people we socialize with, work, society, peer groups, our experiences, our environment, etc. They become patterns that, in turn, become normal ways for us to think and act. They play in the background of our thoughts, minds, and bodies.


Symptoms are signals to us.

When patterns get in the way of our healthy mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical functioning, we get symptoms! From stress to fatigue to loss of happiness and passion, to conditions such as cancer, our symptoms serve as wake-up calls in our lives. Symptoms are a sign of some disease or disorder, or a sign or indication of the existence of something undesirable. They are signals to ourselves that something is causing us difficulty and that we need to do something about it! The signals are only energy, neither right or wrong, nor good or bad. They are from us to us as we are working to enhance our well-being; and, in this context: Every event in your life loves YOU! To our credit, we believe that our innate inner wellness over time will bring us back to health, and most of the time it does. But what happens when the symptoms persist or when they get worse even with the application of many modalities? From the perspective of this Process, symptoms are not an isolated aspect.


We need to eliminate the roots.

Our ailments and discomforts (symptoms) are created and supported by patterns of root causes and triggers, not unlike the roots of a hundred-year-old oak tree. Our normal approach is to reduce symptoms instead of eliminating the cause(s)! We take aspirin to reduce pain, we take drugs to get our bodies to function, we get some form of stress reduction to feel better…..! These are all helpful and may remove or “mask” the symptoms. The key question is, “Do the symptoms come back?” Do we have to “cope”, to learn to live with them, to keep finding some way to suppress the symptoms so we can function? This EWB Process is based on the belief that we need to eliminate the roots. Then the symptoms are permanently removed and our normally well-being processes keep us functioning the way we want to!


How do we remove the roots?

Using the analogy above about the roots of the oak tree, there can be numerous possible root causes for a symptom. Actually, if you think of plants, bushes, and trees, some have a single or simple roots, some have several, and some have many or a system of roots. When doing EWBP, the energy in the body is continuously used to guide progress. The body will be strong or weak to a particular cause(s) of the symptom. The body also will indicate the level of progress. No touching is needed. However, muscle testing of the amount of strength in the arm reveals the guidance needed.

A symptom is cleared away by focusing the person’s energy on it. In going through the process, the clearing is made at more general levels, which frequently removes the key roots. When the symptoms persist, more specific roots are identified and corrected.


The EWB Process© of removing roots:

  • Define the symptom clearly (my head aches on the top left side; tension is in my upper right chest; my left foot is numb).
  • Identify the desired state of being (head is clear and feels light; chest is relaxed and peaceful; foot is strong, has stamina, is flexible).
  • Clarify how progress will be measured (the pain or tension is at level 10 and we want it to go to 0; the person is supporting the desired state at 100%).
  • Define and clear root causes, going from general categories to more specific roots.
    Frequently check progress.
  • Continue until the pain or tension is at 0, or the person supports their desired state 100%.

In the majority of cases, the symptoms quickly go away. The amount of effort needed is dependent on how many roots there are.


What does it mean to “energetically clear away” the roots of our symptoms?

Some basic premises of this energy work are that:

  • Our natural state is health, wellness and vitality.
  • We want to be in and stay in this state.
  • We don’t consciously know why we get away from this state (other than the strong beliefs and experiences that we degenerate as we age). Anything that bothers us weakens our energy and thus can create energy blockages.
  • There are root causes for our symptoms.
  • Our symptoms are us communicating with ourselves that there are some energetic blockages we need to get rid of.
  • We have not learned and the experts don’t know how to eliminate the roots that cause the blockages.
  • The focus of most modalities is to alleviate, suppress, or “learn to live with” our symptoms.
  • There are simple energetic corrections that can eliminate the roots.
  • The complicated part is that we human beings have hundreds of causes for our symptoms.
  • We (anyone) can learn to quickly eliminate the root causes, the symptoms go away, and we get back to our natural state.

A key point is that anyone can learn how to make themselves energetically healthy and strong, and support others in being strong, as well.  And, there are an increasing number of modalities and products that can help us create support for what we want in our lives.  The great news is that each modality helps numerous people.  And…none of them helps everyone.  The individual person’s energy can be checked to see what works best for them!!!