What is the Energetic Well Being Process©?

EWBP© was created by LeRoy Malouf to unearth and remove root causes of acute and chronic symptoms and issues that interfere with day-to-day life, such as back pain, headaches, digestive issues, allergies, relationship difficulties, work-related challenges, ADHD…

which can lead to frustration, hopelessness, exhaustion, depression, anxiety, anger, sadness…

and to help create and support a meaningful life filled with joy, balance, and Energetic Well Being!

How does the Energetic Well Being Process work?

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What does the Energetic Well Being Process do for YOU?

EWBP enables you to live your life with more energy, less pain and other symptoms, more love for yourself and others, better focus, increased productivity, more patience, and an overall satisfaction with life!

It supports you in being your true self, remembering who you really are –  and to continue to get stronger and more fit in all ways with each passing year.

EWPB empowers you to:

  • Focus on removing what causes symptoms…not to alleviate, suppress, or “learn to live with” them
  • Create strong internal support for your desired state of being – what you want in your life – with full confidence and self-reliance
  • Live your life with joy, peace and resilience

EWBP helps you deal with internal energies, as well as with energies coming from outside, and helps optimize physical presence in this life/dimension. It assists every cell in the body to know that its natural state is vibrant health and wellness.

The key benefits of EWBP are to:

  • Continuously raise consciousness
  • Eliminate common symptoms such as insomnia, fatigue, stress, depression, and pain
  • Increase energy, health and vitality for all ages
  • Become free of limitations that sap energy
  • Build confidence and self-reliance in meeting goals
  • Be in charge of your own health and well being
  • Enhance relationships at home and work
  • Become neutral to life’s issues and events – to live free of drama, reaction and upset

How do you get started?

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