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* What were your experiences?
* Did you use any of the clearing protocols on anyone else?

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Knowing and Living Your Purpose Reviews

Rating: ★★★★★

“I liked the book very much!  It reminds me to be true to myself, and I found that each chapter flows into the next.  I found chapters 2, 13, 15 and 18 most helpful.  I use the ‘getting my center strong’ (from Ch. 13) and am building up my confidence in clearing myself and getting to neutral (Ch 14).  When I reread the chapters, it helps me to become calm and at peace, even though I have a long way to go.  I find that the more I repeat, the easier it becomes to get strong.  I hope to eventually use the clearing process with others, too!”

Dolores P.
Pennsylvania, USA


Rating: ★★★★★

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, and time seemed to fly while I was reading it.  It is a work of love, and that love and care come across in the pages, in the stories told, the examples given, the practical advice, in all of it, which make it a very enjoyable and uplifting read.

Besides being entertaining and heart warming, the book is filled with practical advice, which was the reason I bought it.  From chapter 10 all the way to the end of the book I have marked post-its all over the place!  Some chapters are (almost) completely underlined and I intend to refer back to this book over and over again as I practice what is taught there.  My experiences with the Yuen Method are, so far, quite interesting and effective, both working on myself (correcting my weakening limiting beliefs and anxiety triggers) and with others, and this book also gives me a deeper understanding of how the healing happens.

It is a joy to read a practical and entertaining book such as this is.  I really appreciate the love frequency it emanates and the examples from the author’s personal experiences.  LeRoy Malouf talks the talk and walks the walk.”

Isabel M.
Porto, Portugal


Awake, Refreshed and Energized Reviews