On my first Group Clearing Session call with LeRoy, I described myself as feeling a sense of low grade acute depression – for no apparent reason. Ten minutes of LeRoy working on me led to my emotional state being transformed to one of happiness, like a cloud had been lifted. I wouldn’t have believed this was possible before.  It led me to do some one-on-one work with LeRoy, and he has had an indescribable positive impact on how I approach my life – my mindset is healthy now.  I plan to check in for a one-on-one twice a year – just like a health or dentist appointment.  My emotional health is looked after in LeRoys hands!

I will add that the energy from the other folks on the call during the live Group Clearing Sessions is really beautiful!

E. Walsh


LeRoy, thank you for imparting your wisdom to me so many years ago when I was frightfully lost.  Your seminar on the Positive Power of Being Neutral changed my life.  Thank you, and many, many returned blessings!

Christie Z.
Alexandria, VA


I reached out to LeRoy as a final hope.  After two sessions, my son’s self-confidence has increased, and he seems more relaxed and at ease with himself (what I call his “comfort state”).  As LeRoy calls it, he was now ready to be in his highest desired state.  It has truly been a blessing.  I started to lose faith with both medical and energy work, as I am an empath and so is my son.  I knew it takes both but I was not able to find help in either, until LeRoy called me directly after reading my email to let me know he could help.  I instantly felt supported and in good hands.  His pure intention to help was his main concern and I felt this.  I feel so lucky to have found him and to have him share his gift with us.  I cannot express the gratitude in words that I feel for all his help and support.  I will continue to have a relationship with him, as a friend, mentor and healer, that I know I can count on with the highest and purest of intentions for helping others.



LeRoy Malouf is a talented Energy Worker, Speaker and Workshop presenter.

In his professional work, he can sense and alleviate a vast array of emotional and physical symptoms very quickly, which creates immediate results for his clients.  He is also a very gifted teacher who works to help his clients achieve deep peace and the life that they truly desire.

LeRoy presents remarkable workshops as well.  He captivates his audience with his warmth, humor and teachings.  He is deeply invested in helping his audience learn and experience results that will benefit their life long-term.

I am very honored to know LeRoy as a professional, friend and teacher.  And it is my absolute pleasure to recommend him to you.

Alyson Franz
Founder/Owner of Paradigm Shift, LLC
Author of The Grief Cure Book
Johnston, RI


When talking about this work, a frequent question is, “Where is the evidence to substantiate claims of effective energy work?
Dr. Margaret Gennaro, Holistic MD, FAAP, NMD, ABIHM, from Fairfax, VA, referred a patient to LeRoy who had gone to her repeatedly with excruciating migraine headaches from which she had been suffering for 45 years.  Nothing was helping.  Dr. Gennaro has graciously agreed to allow us to use the following story of what LeRoy’s work did for this client (the client’s name has been changed):

Unrelenting, debilitating migraines

Abby reported, “The migraines started in junior high school, around the mid 1960s.  I think I dealt with migraines for 45 years (1965 to 2010) before your clearing.  Wow!  That’s a long time to suffer!  When Dr. Gennaro contacted you to request you call me, I had been dealing with a constant three- to four- per week, unrelenting, debilitating series of migraines that occurred one right after the other, and medication wasn’t helping.”

It took seven sessions with LeRoy to completely clear the migraines.  There were many layers of life issues to clear that were key turning points.  When the vast majority of life issues were cleared away and she became neutral to the others (so there was no “charge” left), the migraine headaches went away.

Abby thanked LeRoy profusely.  “I no longer see the neurologist (since the fall of 2010), after you cleared the migraines.  I also no longer need Pepsi Cola, butalbital (caffeine), or Imitrex to control the migraines.  Halleluia!  My life became immediately easier after the clearing…no more exploding head to deal with.  I am so grateful I no longer have to deal with migraines, migraine meds and emergency rooms!  I can’t thank you enough for changing my life for the better!”

Comment from  Dr. Margaret Gennaro:

I recommended that she take LeRoy Malouf’s course.  She also had sessions with him.  Not only did the most recent headaches she had for four weeks disappear, but they never returned.


LeRoy isn’t just a teacher and practitioner, he is an experience – from the outside to the inside and all ways infinite.  His expertise in working with people is palpable from the moment of being in his presence.  His genuine longing to be of assistance to those he shares this planet with penetrates each encounter.  It is his presence and his authenticity that bring wellness.  Most certainly he also shares the wisdom of a method that also supports deep change.  But I wouldn’t begin to separate his unique gifts from the methodology he brings forth. They all combine and the result is a blessing.

Kent Hoffman
Spokane, WA


I recently attended the 4-day Advanced EWBP Workshop in New Hampshire with LeRoy Malouf.  As in all of my previous class experiences with him, the work was shared with clarity, presence, compassion, and humor.  The schedule flowed easily, and there was an excellent balance of theory, philosophy, and clearing practice, although one can always use additional clearing experience.  LeRoy holds such a kind, loving, joyful, wise, spiritually connected space, that really all the knowledge, wisdom, confidence, and practical know-how seem to effortlessly and gracefully “download” to his students.

Since this class the teachings, information on all levels and self-healing have all been deeply and gracefully integrating into my life, session work with clients, in person and remote.  There are no words to express the depth of my gratitude to LeRoy and for his profound, yet easily accessible, awakened way of life, of healing and balance on all levels, for both laymen and those for whom healing is their livelihood.

Karuna Joy
Teacher and Facilitator of Self Healing Arts
Reston, VA


I had this great chance which meet beloved LeRoy in a national program and conference which was in New Orleans in 1975, and later in Boston, and I still remember his great knowledge and power of running the classes, team work and lessons which helped me a lot in my life from those times until now.  If you have a chance and occasion, DON’T miss his programs!

From Tehran with LOVE, Farhad Azad


Mistaken Identity

Helena said, “I am 60 years old.  At 55, my life was shattered.  My husband of thirty-two years passed.  He was my life – an international lawyer, Diplomat, and Colonel in the Marine Corps. We had three children, lived in Vienna, Austria, and traveled around the world.  We had parties and went to state functions.  This life was over. Now, there was a dining room table filled with papers and I didn’t know what to do, except to cry.  My heart was broken.  How can I live without him?

Eventually I went to see my doctor, Dr. Gennaro.  She told me about an energy work demonstration in her office.  As I sat in the back of the room, LeRoy picked up on my energy.  I told him ‘My name is Helena and my husband passed,’ and then came the tears.  I have been crying for 5 years.  After, I decided to sign up for an EWBP Workshop.  I felt anxious and did not know if I could do this or if it would work.  LeRoy said all I have to do is say, ‘Apply.’  That is what I did: apply!

Everyone began noticing a shift in me.  I felt nothing.  After the two-day workshop I reached out and started to make phone calls and there was less crying.  I felt more alive.  I realized I did feel the shift.  I worked on myself daily and used the clearing protocols whenever a life issue occurred.

Yes, EWBP is working and I can do it.  At one of the several workshops I attended, I met one of LeRoy’s colleagues, who said to me, ‘Is your husband dead or alive?  ou are acting like he is still alive.  How long do you want to hold on to this?’  They both worked on me to find root causes and to find my true self.

The primary root issue was that for 32 years, I was living my husbands life and not my own.  Once this was cleared, my life changed—all sadness and grief went away like a wave.  Now, I was ready to live MY life.  I really started to live, taking different classes and doing clearings every day on myself and others.

I am no longer, “Helena, whose husband passed!”  I am a certified Angel messenger on the radio, and have my own business and meet-up group.  I am now a Reverend.  I feel wonderful, with everyday being full of love and joy.

My purpose is to live MY life, spread love and joy through out the world, and help other people get to their true self.  Thank you, LeRoy, for EWBP, and seeing something I had inside me that I could not see myself.”

Comment from Dr. Margaret Gennaro, MD, FAAP, NMD, ABIHM

“When Helena’s husband passed away after battling cancer, she was devastated.  She literally would cry almost the entire office visit.  Her whole life had centered around him and now she was lost.  I suggested she take LeRoy Malouf’s course.  She also had sessions with him. I am amazed at who she has become.  Her confidence and humor radiate as she empowers others with her Angel readings.”


“I cannot possibly find the words to explain my experience of the class this weekend.  It is amazing and simple.  I can see so many applications for using this method within my own life and with family and clients.  I only wish that I had had this tool a long time ago.  Every time something comes up that I feel some discomfort with, I just quickly use the protocol.  The “Neutral” method is also very powerful, and again, I use it daily as things come up.  I have taken many workshops and do not easily give up my weekends.  This is the best workshop I have ever attended.  I am so grateful for you introducing this to me and look forward to taking the Advanced class in the future.”

Terri Phillips
Traditional Naturopathic Doctor
Nationally Certified Neuromuscular and Massage Therapist
Cartersville, GA


The Positive Power of Being Neutral

Thank you so much for the wonderful information you shared in the Positive Power of Being Neutral Workshop.  It is absolutely the best course I have ever taken.  I have learned so many different modalities and this one gave me tools that will and are impacting my life more than anything I have ever experienced.  As I realize how many beliefs we have acquired and hold onto that block us from having a wonderful, joyous life, the more I realize how important the workshop is.  Now I can see things as they come up and get rid of them so quickly and easily.  Thanks again for coming up with such a marvelous tool and the wonderful way you taught it!

Patricia Hoover
Cyma Wellness, LLC
Spring Hill, FL


While listening to Planetary Spirit radio, I was riveted by the interview with LeRoy Malouf.  I found that LeRoy is a gentle spirit whose work is compelling, fascinating, uplifting, energizing and effective.  I have witnessed firsthand the results of his presence and discerning masterful technique in his work with my mother and me.  I believe it is because LeRoy incorporates scientific principals that recognize how beliefs, attitudes and emotions of a patient profoundly influences healing and wellness.  When we use our conscious awareness, we can activate our body’s internal systems and transform our lives by reframing our limiting perceptions and self-sabotaging behaviors. Listen and learn more about LeRoy’s exceptional energy healing work on PlanetarySpirit.com.

Dr. Roxanne Daleo
Health Psychologist and Creator of MindWorks For Children
Harvard, MA


I met LeRoy in 2005, and was amazed to see so much vitality and energy in his eyes.  I was curious to know how he is able to be so energetically clear.  LeRoy has incredible intuition and an amazing technique that keeps him neutral and open to new ideas and ways of helping people.

In the last year, I attended classes and had private sessions with LeRoy.  He taught me how to learn the technique, to develop my own intuition, and to be neutral throughout each day.

LeRoy is a great teacher because he himself has mastered the technique and works daily helping many people. He is dedicated, has passion for his work, and is willing to show others how to learn to help themselves (and others) at a deep level.  I am excited to be able to work with LeRoy, and am looking forward to having as much vitality as he has!

Cindy A.
New Hampshire


I was profoundly moved by your session with me last June. It has been a turning point in both my physical and emotional recovery.  Unbelievably to me, since we met my physical pain has diminished 90% and I am able to do daily living activities without excruciating pain.  I am so grateful and relieved.  You have touched my life in a profound way.

Diana Hieber
Spokane, WA


One day while doing a self examination, I found a large marble-size lump in my left breast.  My doctor sent me to get a mammogram.  Upon examining me, the technician, as well as the onsite doctor, made gestures and comments that scared me.  LeRoy worked with me five times for 1/2 or 1 hour.  After the third time – when he worked on me regarding a son who has been in trouble – for over-mothering, over-nurturing, over-guarding, overprotecting, overanalyzing, over-internalizing, the lump immediately shrunk by 50%.  After the fifth session, the lump was gone.  That was 1 1/2 years ago!

Cynthia Smith
Beltsville, Maryland

__________________________It was more than a struggle to even get myself to your free demonstration.  My pain from the top of my head to below my hips was blazing.  It was very difficult for me to walk.  I had been in pain for 36 years. For the last 18 months, it was truly disabling and unrelenting.  I had been in two rear end auto accidents.  I had tried many modalities and types of treatments before and after the accidents.  None successfully changed my pain level.  My doctor had done everything he could think of short of 24/7 morphine or refer me to a pain clinic for cortisone injections up and down my back and into my hips on a frequently repeating basis – both are terrifying thoughts to me.

LeRoy treated me for less than 30 minutes, and in that brief time he changed my life!  My overall pain level dropped by 70% (it has gone completely in two sessions since then).  YES, 36 years of unrelenting pain changed in a few minutes.  I began skipping up and down the aisle!  It is the most amazing experience of my life!  Positive, remarkable change without chemicals or invasive techniques.

On my way home I noticed a feeling of happiness and inner peace, since I had been struggling for many years with clinical depression.  It was a wonderful but foreign feeling!  Another big WOW – in the days following, I experienced two other very significant changes.  My energy level was up dramatically and replaced severe exhaustion and difficulty breathing.  My body’s ability to regulate my temperature was almost back to normal.  Thank you for changing my life!

Patricia Dotson
Spokane, WA


Two years ago, I injured the tendons in my wrist while traveling.  I reinjured it about 18 months ago while rock climbing.  In my effort to protect my weak wrist, I developed elbow and shoulder pain that some days meant I couldn’t even raise a brush to comb my hair or hold a pen.  I was experiencing weakness, tenderness and a burning sensation.  I’ve got to say, my elbow, arm and wrist have been great since LeRoy worked with me on them (about three months after the second injury)!  Quite incredible – I was getting physio and massage therapy as well, and they remarked on how quickly my arm healed up.  And the great news is it’s been strong ever since – so thank you for that!  I don’t even think I’ve had a twinge since.  Please do keep me in mind for your work if you’re doing it in this neck of the woods – I’d be very interested.

Carolyn Ellis
Toronto, Canada


I went to see LeRoy for an overwhelming sense of sadness that was getting worse and worse.  It was like a gray cloud that covered the sky of my life.  In less than 45 minutes, the cloud that was the background of my days was gone for good.  Not that I never have any sadness again, but not the all-consuming gray.  Now when it comes, it feels like a “normal” sadness that goes through me and goes away quickly instead of hanging around.  It’s all right with me instead of, “Oh, no!

Joy Johnson
Cape Cod, MA


I had been experiencing dizzy spells over the course of several weeks that didn’t seem to be going away.  I finally went to an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist to get checked out.  She tested me for several different things that it could be, but in the end didn’t know the cause of my dizziness.  I went to see LeRoy.  He used the Energetic Well Being Process on me and I have been clear with no dizzy spells ever since.  What a great experience!

Beth Devine
Cape Cod, MA


I was not able to sleep for more than two or three hours a night for a year and a half.  I was trying everything from sleeping pills to therapy to yoga to acupuncture, and getting only a night or two’s relief.  It has been almost two years since LeRoy worked with me and I have yet to miss a full night’s sleep.  I also wake refreshed and energized!  It is truly amazing, the difference that you have made in my life.  I can’t thank you enough!!!

Steve Zazzera
Cape Cod, MA


My left knee was operated on to remove torn cartilage many years ago, and I injured my ankle carrying heavy equipment.  They have hurt and become swollen chronically for over 30 years.  In the two sessions with LeRoy, I found immediate relief and was able to walk with ease.  This is amazing, since I thought I had to live permanently with pain, swelling, discomfort and limping.  I heartily endorse the Energetic Well Being Process!

Pyrrha Brent
Santa Fe, New Mexico


From the two times LeRoy worked with me, I have experienced unbelievable yet undeniable results.  The first session I noticed several very subtle changes.  I felt more energetic and optimistic in my daily life.  I also had a very drastic change in that I no longer experienced the sudden and severe stomach aches that had been a part of my every day life for the past six months.  I have also witnessed amazing life changes in the friends I have brought to see you.  We have all experienced the total elimination of pain that we had named as ‘arthritis, muscle ache, headache…’  All our aches and pains have vanished, transformed and moved out!

Renee Peru
Seattle, WA


I recently had the great pleasure of taking some courses with a wonderful, kind and compassionate man and gifted teacher, LeRoy Malouf.  One of the courses that I took was called the Positive Power of Being Neutral.  It truly has created more change in my life then any previous course I’ve taken in a long while.  The power of being neutral is an incredibly simple technique which creates inner peace, quickly, easily and gently.

The mind is very powerful and can often be the most powerful limiter of our health and well being. If we can be in a place of neutral, then we can use our mind to enhance our energy, boost our immunity, increase our resistance to disease and help us to  achieve longevity.

Also, coming from a place of neutral allows us to remain intimately connected with others without reacting to what they say or do.  It means we can truly stand in our own power and speak the truth from our hearts.

I remain very grateful to LeRoy for creating and delivering such an important and life altering course.

Carol Shaw-Peirson
Gaithersburg, MD


After two sessions of energy work by LeRoy, my allergy and my bronchial asthma disappeared completely.  My shoulder pain improved during the following sessions and now I have no problems.  I love playing tennis and I have full strength for serving and returning the ball!

Dr. Hans-Joachim Deuss


I can honestly say that I feel like I’ve gotten my life back.  I am actually thinking of fun things to do…..and I am ok being by myself and have lots of energy and my back feels great and quite flexible!  Thanks for facilitating this change!

Cynde Margritz
Peak Neurofitness, LLC
Alexandria, VA


I am a certified Yuen Practitioner, which means I have taken all of the classes twice each, plus the 5-day certification class.  You’re a FANTASTIC teacher/person/energy worker/etc.!  You’ve taken ALL of Dr. Yuen and filled in ALL of the gaps…thank you for that!  It puts the new information of Dr. Yuen at my finger tips and REALLY makes it useful/fast/etc.  All of YOU shows throughout, combining the best of both, and then some!  I’m completely grateful for being able to take this class with you, what a difference it is making/will make for all the clients I do energy work for!  Thank you sooooo very much!

Patrice Sena
Pasadena, CA


This past weekend’s workshop was profound and life-changing for me.  It led me to discover a big “glitch” in my programing: life is a chore and it’s not supposed to be fun!  That’s exactly how my parents and most people in my culture lived.  That’s exactly how I operated, in parenting, in work, in relationships, in sex, in eating, etc.  No wonder I had been so uptight all my life.

I did the correction immediately after I got home.  OMG, it was a HUGE shift for me.  I felt like a kid again! I goofed around with my daughter, which was all new to her.  My husband is still trying to figure me out. 🙂

I retested the relationship survey and it’s all “yes” now.  All the previous “nos” came from me not loving life…how could I love myself or anyone else?

Thank you so much for helping me see Life’s perfection!  So grateful!!!

Dr. Sharon Fan
Center for Natural Cures
Bethesda, MD


I would like to share a short story about how I met LeRoy and my first session with him.

A few years ago I was so overwhelmed with life…I was looking online for a “miracle.”  I had felt like I had exhausted years of different therapy and I was only slightly more settled.  I could only work a few short hours a week.  WiFi zones, cell phones, large crowds, computers all made my nervous system very disturbed.  I viewed a YouTube video where LeRoy was doing a demonstration – and I could feel the energy moving and clearing.  How interesting!  A few short videos later, I knew I had to meet this gentleman.

I flew to Providence, drove to Cape Cod, and had a one-hour session.  I knew this would be necessary in order to have the ability to stay focused doing a weekend workshop on the Energetic Well Being Process.  As we talked, and worked together, LeRoy connected with energy that I felt in a very visceral way.  I felt lighter and lighter! Questions and answers…we chatted back and forth and continued to shift in monumental ways.  After a weekend together learning new skills in a small group setting, I walked away with a new look on life.  I was able to function in a different way and a clearer thought process.

I continue to do clearing work on myself often, but I am happy to say that I am back at work full-time, and rarely am taken totally down.  Thank you LeRoy, for giving me my life back!  What a blessing!



Simply the best!  After being frustrated with Yuen Method and not getting it after hours and hours of listening to Dr. Yuen talk, I sought out another way.  LeRoy Malouf’s videos popped out at me.  I took both home study classes (PPBN and Essentials).  I was very confident and had some marvelous results, as you can find on my website.  Then, in 2014 and 2015, I completed Proficiency and Advanced workshops via webinar.  It’s been a most valuable tool to understand and see everything so clear and laid out step-by-step.  Anyone can master it with a little daily effort, as we are the instrument that we play every day.

Adam Khedoori
Sydney, NSW, Australia