Energetic Clearing Videos and Group Clearing Sessions

If you are new to energy work, the best way to understand it is by seeing it and experiencing it firsthand. Attending a Group Clearing Session provides a format where you are given an opportunity to volunteer to have LeRoy work on a particular symptom you are experiencing, or for members of the group to call out symptoms. The energetic clearing process is demonstrated, and the clearing is applied to the entire group right then and there!

During the Group Sessions, LeRoy:

  • Gives a brief background on himself and the Energetic Well Being Process©
  • Demonstrates relieving pain and symptoms with people who volunteer to work with him, or with the symptoms that the group shares
  • Answers questions

If you are interested in hosting a Group Clearing Session, please contact us at info@ewbp.com to discuss. We suggest a $20 “love” offering per participant.

Click HERE for upcoming dates and locations of Group Clearing Sessions on our Calendar of Events!

Please click on the following links for
YouTube clearing demonstration videos:

Clearing Fatigue.

Clearing Depression.

Clearing Ankle Pain.

Clearing Nerve Pain.

Clearing Pain.

Knee Pain.

Clearing Head and Neck Pain.

Clearing Depression/Addiction (Part 1).

Clearing Depression/Addiction (Part 2).

Lower Back Pain (Part 1)

Lower Back Pain (Part 2)

Clearing Shoulder Pain

Clearing Back Pain

Clearing Back Pain

Clearing Anxiety

Clearing Allergies