Strengthening Your Spinal Cord, Your Core Energy

We feel our best  when our core energy is 100% strong!  Our spinal cords are involved in virtually everything we physically do.  Increasing our spinal cord strength on a daily basis is a way to increase our overall energetic core strength.  Although the spinal cord and our central core are not physically the same thing, strengthening one helps strengthen the other, and it is important to be physically and energetically strong every day.   Here are some steps to strengthen them both at the same time:

  • To help imagine your spinal cord/central core/midline, briefly touch the top of your head and the base of your spine in order to “locate them in space” (you don’t have to keep touching the points).
  • Imagine this central core to be of any size, and right up and down the middle of your body.
  • Imagine it being full of energy, strength, laughter, light and love.
  • You can help do this by imagining you are wearing a tall zippered jacket and moving your hand up and down in front of your body from top to bottom three to four times.
  • Imagine it being strong to a 10 out of 10 (or 100 out of 100).
  • If it still does not feel like 10 (or 100), sense where there is vertical weakness.
  • You can help sense it by moving your hand up and down in front of your body and feeling where your energy is going weak.
  • Then “zip up and down” at these places.

These steps don’t take long and can easily be done upon rising/before you start your day.  They can also be done throughout the day – if you know you have an uncomfortable appointment scheduled or have to confront someone who you think may not be pleasant, or a hectic part of your day is coming, do these steps for a few minutes to help strengthen yourself beforehand.  And it’s good to strengthen ourselves even when positive, exciting things are on the forefront, as even those can weaken us when we have to expend lots of energy to get through them!

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