Private Sessions: LeRoy works with clients in person at his home office in West Barnstable, MA, on the phone, and on Skype.  A session is normally one hour long, but can go over if needed and with a client’s permission (see Rate info below).  Often a person has multiple symptoms that need clearing.  More than one session may be needed when there are multiple symptoms or when a particular symptom has complex roots, and this can be discussed.

Group Sessions: LeRoy is also available for Group Clearing Sessions.  Attending a Group Clearing Session provides a format where you are given an opportunity to volunteer to have LeRoy work on a particular symptom you are experiencing, or for members of the group to call out symptoms, which are worked on collectively.  The energetic clearing process is demonstrated, and the clearing is applied to the entire group right then and there!  Group Sessions are usually two hours long.

During the Group Sessions, LeRoy:

  • Gives a brief background on himself and the Energetic Well Being Process©
  • Demonstrates relieving pain and symptoms with people who volunteer to work with him, or with the symptoms that the group shares
  • Answers questions

If you are interested in hosting a Group Clearing Session, please contact us at to discuss.  We suggest a $20 offering per participant.

LeRoy is also available for private clearing sessions on days when we have out-of-state Group Clearing Sessions scheduled, at a mutually convenient location near the Group Session location (see contact info under Disclaimer below).  See HOW IT CAME ABOUT and  HOW IT WORKS for more info on the Energetic Well Being Process©.

Couples Sessions: LeRoy works with couples to enhance their relationships.  The symptoms in a relationship often require individual work on their own symptoms, as well as working as a couple.  One of the first steps is to assess and strengthen the energetic base for the relationship.  Then the symptoms can be directly addressed more easily.

Maximum wellness is achieved when people take responsibility for their own health.  Wellness is part of who we are; we can no longer afford to always look to someone else to fix us.  The Energetic Well Being Process© is a tool of transformation, rejuvenation, and regeneration because it gives you the means to take your well being into your own hands.  This is a process that can work with Eastern Medicine, Western Medicine and other modalities for the benefit of all.  Health and wholeness professionals often find that the EWB Process complements the services they offer and use it as another service to assist their clients.

The EWB Process is an energy strengthening alternative modality, that enables clients to regain and enhance their natural state of wellness and vitality.  It goes beyond normal ways of assisting clients and transcends many traditional and alternative medicine approaches, trainings, and various types of energy work.  Symptoms are approached from a very different direction and perspective.

The path – of health, prosperity, integrity, success, and freedom from stress and pain – is the birthright of every human being. Our struggle is similar to chipping away at a frozen lake of ice.  Each layer you chip away exposes another layer.  The more you chip away, the deeper you get until you hit the water.  We energetically peel away the outer layers of symptoms until we find and remove true causes.  It is then that we reclaim our health and vitality.

Clients who want to relieve symptoms and improve their well-being come from all ages, faiths, and persuasions. Enhancing the health and wellness of others and ourselves is one of the most important things we can accomplish.  It is hard to make the world better when we walk around from day to day with physical and emotional symptoms left untreated.

With the EWB Process we are offering you keys to your health and the manual to guide your work with your body and your symptoms.  We can be strengthened and rejuvenated energetically so that we regain and stay in our natural state of health, wellness and vitality.  We offer a variety of ways to help clients get to and stay in that state.


We’re very excited about the positive effects the Energetic Well Being Process© has had on literally thousands of people, and we are always grateful for your referrals!  For those clients and/or past workshop participants who refer three new clients to us who schedule and pay for a session,  we will offer you 50% off of a future session.  And remember to tell your friends and family that new clients get the first 15 minutes free (see Rates below).

Please have your referrals give us your name so we can keep track.  We’ll let you know when we have three paid clients referred by YOU!


Prior to participating in any of these services, please PRINT THIS DISCLAIMER, read and sign.  If the service is face-to-face, please bring it with you.  If the service is by phone, Zoom or Skype, please either mail, fax or scan/email the signed Disclaimer form to:

Energetic Well Being
625 Willow Street
West Barnstable, MA  02668

FAX: (508) 362-9367


Clearing Session Rates + Scheduling a Session

NEW CLIENTS get the first 15 minutes free, so the first one-hour session is $270.  Thereafter, clearing sessions are $360 for one hour (prorated down if less time is needed, and up with your permission if we need more time to finish a session, at the usual $6 per minute rate.  Payment of any overage time is expected upon the end of the session).

We also offer discounts on a 3-Session Package and a 6-Session Package (new client rates do not apply to packages).  For more info and to purchase, go to the Packages & Gift Certificates tab on our STORE page.  We can connect by phone, Zoom or Skype.  In-person sessions are an option for those who live near or travel to West Barnstable, MA.  Appointments are made via phone or email.  Please CONTACT US if you are interested in scheduling a clearing session with LeRoy.

Payment options:

For new clients, payment at the New Client rate is expected prior to the first session.

If you are paying for either a New or Existing Client Clearing Session, or a 3-Session or 6-Session Package, you can pay through our website on our SESSIONS AND PACKAGES page.

If you are paying a different amount than the above options, or if you do not want to pay through our website, you can send money through PayPal to “” (choose the “Goods and Services” option).

Or, you may make arrangements ahead of time with LeRoy and submit payment by check.