A Practical Guide to Being the ‘Real’ You Everyday©

Remember times when you had "aha" experiences and discovered new insights and perspectives? LeRoy Malouf and others use the methods described in this book to make ongoing dramatic and positive difference in their own lives and those of others.  The Energetic Well Being Process© isn’t magic, but it’s definitely magical!  These processes make such experiences normal and frequent instead of occasional and seemingly random.  You will learn methods for:

  • Shifting away from struggling with symptoms such as pain, dis-ease, aging, and self-negation
  • Living in an increasingly positive state of improvement and regeneration
  • Expanding capabilities and possibilities
  • Loving and accepting yourself
  • Remembering and living in your natural state of love, joy, productivity, prosperity, and harmony
  • Getting stronger and more fit in all ways
  • Unfolding your truth and wellness
  • Discovering the joyful treasure that is you
  • These proven methods help you make quantum improvements in your life!


Awake, Refreshed and Energized:
Making Positive Shifts with the Energetic Well Being Process©

This new book describes in another way what energy clearing is using EWBP©, and gives a description and examples of Expanding Spiritual Awareness!  EWBP which not only focuses on eliminating the root causes of our symptoms, it also focuses on us continually getting stronger and more fit in all ways as we go through life. A primary reason why we get symptoms is that our energy goes weak to everything that bothers us, no matter how big or how small it is. Any one of the times we cause our energy to go weak has a relatively small impact on us. However, when you accumulate them over a lifetime, we get physical, mental, emotional, psychological, psychic, or spiritual symptoms. EWBP helps to eliminate these symptoms. The alternative to clearing away your symptoms is to keep creating more and more of them for yourself!