Being Neutral vs. Positive Thinking

Being neutral to something is not the same thing as positive thinking.  Although positive affirmations are not a bad thing and can help shift someone’s attitude, just ‘thinking’ positive thoughts does not energetically clear the root causes of upset, fear, anger, worry, etc.  It can Read More

A Hopi Elder Speaks

With the shifts taking place in the world, the perspectives of this Hopi Indian Elder feel fresh and very relevant.  My wife, Toni, and I have felt inspired by these statements. We joyfully share them. A HOPI ELDER SPEAKS – attributed to an unnamed Hopi Read More

Ho’oponopono by Dr. Hew Len

We are going through a time when many are upset and agitated about the direction of our government.  It feels like a good time to focus on peace, calm, and neutrality.  I am reminded of a powerful way of shifting that I have mentioned before Read More

Mindfulness by LeRoy Malouf

In early June, 2014, I had the wonderful opportunity to give a talk on mindfulness to 125 reunion attendees and staff of the Sloan School of Management at MIT. The focus was on how to increase mindfulness about how we cause our own energy to be Read More