Getting Stronger to More of Your Life

In my client sessions and webinars, I talk about how we humans on average are going strong to only about 20% of our lives. I work with and teach clients how to increase the percentage of our core strength up to 100% every day (you Read More

Take the Time to Recharge Your Batteries

“Sometimes the best way to recharge our batteries is to unplug them.” Image and quote found on Pinterest Summer can be such a busy time. For those of us who live in areas where the seasons change, summer means longer days and hotter temps. Many Read More

Resolving Stress in Your Relationships

We all know the importance of being kind, doing and saying nice things to others, being neutral and positive, having gratitude for all aspects of our lives. Sometimes it’s easier to be nicer to strangers than to those we are closest to. Sometimes those closest Read More

Spring Forward

Just anticipating the warmer weather helps me “spring forward” in the sense of keeping my energy at a high level.  In the Spring, we experience longer days and life budding up from the ground and in the trees.  There will be new births in the Read More

What is Your LOVE Language?

Did you know that there are several ways in which we express and experience/receive love?  How YOU give and receive love could be very different than how your partner, child, sibling, parent gives and receives love.  In his series of books based on “The 5 Read More

What Are Your Symptoms Telling You?

It may sound odd to think of our symptoms as having physical intelligence, but what if symptoms actually hold clues about what we need to deal with in our life that is bothering us? Often times the location of symptoms may be a direct indication Read More

Being Neutral to Emptiness and Empty Spaces

In last month’s post, I discussed getting to neutral and gave some steps to follow.  To read the steps on how to get neutral to a person, group, situation, event, etc., see Being Neutral vs. Positive Thinking.  An option for becoming more neutral is “going Read More

Being Neutral vs. Positive Thinking

Being neutral to something is not the same thing as positive thinking.  Although positive affirmations are not a bad thing and can help shift someone’s attitude, just ‘thinking’ positive thoughts does not energetically clear the root causes of upset, fear, anger, worry, etc.  It can Read More

Strengthening Your Spinal Cord, Your Core Energy

We feel our best  when our core energy is 100% strong!  Our spinal cords are involved in virtually everything we physically do.  Increasing our spinal cord strength on a daily basis is a way to increase our overall energetic core strength.  Although the spinal cord Read More