What Are Your Symptoms Telling You?

It may sound odd to think of our symptoms as having physical intelligence, but what if symptoms actually hold clues about what we need to deal with in our life that is bothering us?

Often times the location of symptoms may be a direct indication of underlying roots of life issues:

For example, having patterns of pain, tightness or stiffness on the left side of your body may indicate that you are feeling “left out”. Maybe you didn’t get promoted to a new department, or your spouse has been distant and not including you on family decisions?

Or, maybe those same symptoms on the right side of your body relate to you “being right”, or being told you are wrong?

Think about the last time you had a stiff neck. What had been “a pain in the neck” for you at that time?

Or, have you had issues with pain or lack of strength in your hands? Is there something in your life that is not being handled well enough?

What about numbness in your extremities? What do you not want to be conscious or reminded of, or want to be “numb” to?

The next time you are experiencing pain, stiffness, numbness or lack of energy or strength, find a quiet spot to sit for a few moments and place your focus on the symptom. Then, wait for a response. Let the thoughts and life issues you are dealing with come to mind and see how they are connected to your symptoms. Often the awareness of the connection is enough to remove or reduce the symptom. If that does not work, then more concentrated clearing work may be needed. For example, getting to neutral as described in Being Neutral vs. Positive Thinking.