Being Neutral to Emptiness and Empty Spaces

In last month’s post, I discussed getting to neutral and gave some steps to follow.  To read the steps on how to get neutral to a person, group, situation, event, etc., see Being Neutral vs. Positive Thinking

An option for becoming more neutral is “going to a neutral space” and being strong to emptiness – empty space in your thinking, in the hollow organs in your body, between all vertebrae, around all discs, in and around all cells, in your relationships, in your thinking, and in your universe.

Being in an empty space, like being neutral, is a strong place to be.  We are so programmed to keep thinking about things and to doing something, that we rarely allow time for emptiness and empty spaces.

Our body and the universe are primarily empty space.  When you look up in the night sky you see mostly empty space.  The distance between the atoms, quantum particles, and sub-quantum particles is huge.  There is so much empty space in us that a sub-quantum particle can go through our body without touching anything.

We can further explain the emptiness in our bodies and in the universe by the discoveries about the sub-quantum particles that are the basic building blocks for everything in the universe.  A molecule, atom, and quantum particle all have mass as well as energy.  Sub-quantum particles are pure energy with no mass.  This says that everything in the universe is pure energy.

When we strengthen ourselves to emptiness and empty spaces, we are affirming and recognizing the reality of our existence.  It also supports our being in a calm and peaceful place.

We affirm and apply emptiness to all aspects of our being to help keep us strong to everything!

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