Being Neutral vs. Positive Thinking

Being neutral to something is not the same thing as positive thinking.  Although positive affirmations are not a bad thing and can help shift someone’s attitude, just ‘thinking’ positive thoughts does not energetically clear the root causes of upset, fear, anger, worry, etc.  It can actually weaken us to try to ‘think positive’ about a situation, because ‘thinking’ that way may not line up with our unconscious beliefs…our energy doesn’t support the things we say we want!

In order to truly be neutral, one must not have an ‘energetic charge’ to a situation (or to the outcome of a situation).  Being neutral is what allows us to be present in a situation without reacting (or overreacting!) and opens up the space for something new to happen!  This does not mean we don’t feel or are unattached! It’s quite the contrary: you can be lovingly attached to a spouse, child, close friend, etc., while being neutral to everything he or she says thinks or does, or does NOT say, think or do!  The same applies to situations and events – you may really want that new job, but you might tell yourself and others that it’s no big deal if you don’t get it.  If your unconscious beliefs don’t line up with what you are saying, you will not be neutral to the outcome!

When we are clearing symptoms and root causes by going to neutral, we’ll most likely attract the things we say we want.  When we get neutral to what bothers us the most, and also to the desired state that we most want, we deprogram the energies that keep us stuck.

One way of getting to neutral is to focus on a person, group of people, situation, event, etc., and identify what bothers you.  Define the worst scenario of what bothers you, and then define the best scenario of your want or desire.  Name several on each side of the situation at hand.  Really dig deep to something worse and something better!  After you have named what comes to mind about both sides, stop and focus on the person/event again.  Does anything bother you?  If so, repeat the exercise until you get a “no” answer to that question – keep digging deeper!

This exercise can be done in a matter of seconds in the heat of the moment, or when you have time to contemplate the person/situation.  Daily practice will help you get quicker at the process!

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