My Background

My Preparation, and doing this work.  I have experienced, learned and gained insights from numerous self-development workshops, retreats, and energy works to prepare to do this work.

I have learned, for myself and clients, how to:

  • Bring forth physical and spiritual integration and wholeness by Agnes Sanford in Schools of Pastoral Care
  • Understand, observe and assist clients in bringing forth their positive energy by Jeff Krock
  • Assist clients in removing mental blocks and shift their thinking by the Avatar organization (up through their Mastery Program)
  • Identify and remove blocks, and to tap into creativity, vision and spiritual connections by Keith Varnum through his Vision Quests and Dream Workshops
  • Focus energy down a person’s central core to eliminate energy blockages, and to bring about a desired state as a former Certified Practitioner and Instructor of Yuen Method© Full Spectrum Living
  • Make quantum connections to eliminate energy blockages through Matrix Energetics©

I have increased perceptions, awareness, mindfulness, knowing and skills in how we humans:

  • Use our energy,
  • Increase or decrease our well being, and
  • Use it to bring wholeness and presence.

Prior Careers: I am an Applied Behavioral Scientist, certified in many consulting and training programs and processes.  Some of my certifications are in:

  • Behavioral Research on the impact of training on actual job performance, Measuring Motivation using the TAT (Thematic Apperception Test), Training Achievement Motivation and Entrepreneurs, and Motivation Training for Managers and Staff by Dr. David McClelland, Harvard University and Dr. David Berlew, McBer and Co.

I have also:

  • Trained participants and trained trainers to conduct the Positive Power and Influence Program©, the Positive Negotiation Program©, Leading Change©, and Intensive Behavioral Coaching© by Dr. David Berlew and Dr. Roger Harrison
  • Trained participants to do break through work in teams, and in Organization Development by Dr Jane Mouton, Scientific Methods, Inc.
  • Trained participants in Problem Solving and Decision Making by Kepner Tregoe, Inc.
  • Done research on key competencies for success and development needs, and created programs to meet the needs; conducted in depth research on the competencies of highly effective staff and managers in creating results and working with and developing people
  • Created highly intensive experiential workshops on Creating Results Through Influence©, Negotiation: Resolution and Implementation©, and Leading Change©, in conjunction and co-created with Cynthia Smith, Sherri Malouf, and William LeClere, LMA, Inc. (see

Entrepreneurial Experiences: I worked for many years with large organizations and trained and consulted on individual and organizational development.  My passion was to work with individuals and organizations in powerful ways so that they transform themselves to better achieve their desired goals.

I founded LMA in 1975, which is now a woman-owned minority firm, and is owned and led by three (out of six) of my adult children: Sherri Malouf, Cindy Smith, and Richard Malouf, and I am Chairman.

LMA and its subsidiary, SMS, have provided consulting services and high-impact training to hundreds of clients and organizations.  As Senior Consultant/Trainer at LMA and SMS, my work included:

  • Helping organizations solve tough problems
  • Working with executive teams to increase impact
  • Planning for and negotiating win-win agreements
  • Developing collaborative teams
  • Building competency models
  • Executive coaching
  • Strategic Planning
  • Teaching courses, which assist participants in making positive behavioral change in the areas of influence, negotiation, and managing and leading change; I used extensive knowledge base, humor, and insight to encourage understanding situations before jumping in, and for taking higher risks to get things done
  • Training and certifying numerous consultants and instructors in SMS and LMA workshop delivery
  • Consulting and training in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Australia, developing an understanding of, and appreciation for, cultural differences
  • Working both as an internal and external consultant with large and small organizations, across industry, and with government agencies

I am Ordained through Universal Brotherhood


  • Earned pilot wings and graduated at the top of my training class in academics and flying skill in the USAF
  • Held a commercial multi-engine license from the FAA
  • Awarded Commendation Medal for outstanding engineering project management in USAF

Academic Credentials

  • BS in Mechanical Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • MS in Managerial Behavior, Managerial Economics and Controllership from MIT’s Alfred Sloan School of Management
  • Post Graduate work at the Sloan School on Organization Modeling, Design, Development, and Change


  • Knowing and Living Your Purpose – A practical guide to being the “real you” everyday©. Cambridge, MA: Merrimack Media, 2013
  • “Mindfulness” Workshop Presentation at Sloan School of Management, MIT, June, 2014 (video found HERE)
  • Why Won’t My Symptoms Go Away Article, International Journal of Healing and Caring, Daniel Benor, Editor, September, 2014
  • 16 Demos available HERE and on YouTube
  • Many writings found in ARTICLES and BLOG POSTS
  • Awake, Refreshed and Energized – Making Positive Shifts with the Energetic Well Being Process©. Cambridge, MA: Merrimack Media, 2016

And Finally

In some self-development programs, people are encouraged to write their own epitaph – how they want to be remembered – as a means of better understanding their purpose and strengths.  While at a funeral, when the person’s epitaph was being discussed, another draft of my epitaph came to mind.  It is: “I stumbled frequently, got up and learned from it.  From there I helped people to let loose of their chains, to fly, and to live their lives with joy.  I lived my life with joy.”

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