Q. Do you have to have spiritual or religious beliefs for this process to work? If a class is held in a church, do you have to have similar beliefs or will you be affected by the location?

A.You do not have to have any particular religious or spiritual beliefs in order to attend a class or to use the EWP Process to clear symptoms in yourself and others. Each space that is used, whether in a home, a hotel, a meeting place, or a space in a church, is checked out and cleared as necessary for it to be a supportive place.

Q. Does the Process work with addictions?

A. The Process treats an addiction as a symptom to be cleared (whether the addiction is to food, sleeping pills, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs of all types). They have roots and they can be cleared. There is a two-pronged approach to treating addictions. First, the negative beliefs about the negative effects of the substance need to be removed. These negative beliefs become root causes for symptoms. If you believe gluten is bad for you, then you may eventually have difficulties with it (for example, with digestion problems or weight). Second, the choice to continue to use the substance needs to be addressed, and the person needs to be assisted in persevering to deal with the choice. The person needs to shift to a neutral orientation about the effects of the substance and about whether or not to continue to use it. Then the choice becomes easier to make. This is not a rational process. It is addressed with the energetic process.

Q. Where do you do face-to-face individual and couple sessions?

A. Primarily, they are at LeRoy’s home office. Sometimes they are at a meeting space, a colleague’s office, or at a client’s location.

Q. Do I need to have prior experience in working with my energy for this process to work?

A. No, this is a process that works regardless of prior experience with it. We are able to learn new things. This is no exception.

Q. Do I have to believe in it in order for it to work?

A. No, most people who are not familiar with energetic processes are skeptical at first. When they see and feel results, the skepticism fades.

Q. What if I am not ready?

A. Readiness is a choice. Deciding (consciously or not consciously) to not be ready is a block to the effective working of an energetic process. There are other blocks as well. Are you willing, able, deserving, expecting positive results, committed, imagining what might be, seeing imagination become reality? If your answer is “no” on any of them, they can be cleared so they are not a barrier to the elimination of your symptom(s)!

Q. Will the symptoms(s) come back?

A. If all the roots have been cleared, the answer is that they will not come back.