EWBP1 Webinar Series

Many people are stuck in pain, stiffness, anger, grief, illness, depression, and anxiety, or experience other symptoms that won’t go away. There is a high chance we humans will start feeling hopeless/helpless when we experience that numerous ways of treating or “dealing with” these symptoms and emotions don’t work well enough to get lasting relief! All too frequently the help that is given is targeted toward alleviating the symptoms vs. finding and clearing the root causes for them! 

Underneath these approaches are the beliefs that we human beings will continue to age and degenerate all our lives and that all the above is just our normal process of living and dying.   

Yes, we all eventually die…but why not live today feeling healthy and free from pain, comfortable in your own skin, and looking forward to each day with a positive outlook? The Energetic Well Being Process© helps you do just that!

EWBP© was created by LeRoy Malouf to unearth and remove root causes of acute and chronic symptoms and issues that interfere with day-to-day life…and to keep creating and supporting a meaningful life filled with joy, balance, and Energetic Well Being!

EWBP is a process that virtually everyone can learn to do both for themselves (and eventually) others! There was a 12-year old boy in one workshop who learned the process faster than the adults! This Webinar Series is for beginners AND for established alternative practitioners looking to add another modality to their practice!

The primary goal of this Webinar is to learn what EWBP is and how to use the Process, and to build and increase confidence, accuracy and skills in identifying and clearing away root causes of even persistent symptoms.


  • Being energetically strong every day, and helping others to do so; most humans are going strong to only 20% of their life, which means our energy is going weak to 80% (anytime we are doubting or judging ourselves and others, upset, reacting, depressed, anxious, addicted, sick, etc.)
  • Being able to find and then clear away the root causes of our symptoms
  • Fully supporting what we want, and eliminating what we don’t want
  • Living in a natural state of wellness, vitality, peace and gratitude
  • Experiencing harmony, love and kindness in all circumstances
  • Moving through life with focus, productivity, synchronicity and satisfaction
  • Optimizing physical presence in this life/dimension


The cost of the EWBP1 Two-Weekend Webinar Series is $445*, and includes the following:

One 30-minute clearing session with LeRoy (scheduled the week before the Webinar Series starts)

Four (4) class-time Webinars

One (1) two-hour follow-up Webinar (Q & A)

Electronic Webinar materials**

LeRoy’s two (2) ebooks for FREE

EWB’s Positive Power of Being Neutral© online course for FREE (we’ll provide registered participants a coupon to access the course for FREE on www.udemy.com)

Participant-to-Participant clearing work with each other between Webinars

*Past participant cost is $295! This includes anyone who participated in a previous Webinar Series, as well as anyone who has previously completed LeRoy’s Essentials Workshop or Essentials Home Study!


The Webinar Series takes place over two back-to-back weekends and one Saturday two weeks later (all times are Eastern/U.S. times, and breaks are included):

Saturday & Sunday, June 19th & 20th
Saturday & Sunday, June 26th & 27th
(Plus, a two-hour follow-up class on Saturday, July 10th.)

The Webinar Series will be done via the ZOOM video conferencing app, available for PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android. Breakout rooms will be used when needed, and all Webinars will be recorded for future playback for Webinar participants!

The focus of the Webinars is on learning and sharpening skills in:

  • Understanding the ideals, rationale, and steps of utilizing a person’s energy for eliminating symptoms and creating wellness and vitality
  • Using muscle testing, intuition and sensing to locate the root causes of (a) physical, mental, emotional, psychological, psychic and spiritual symptoms, and of (b) life issues that are being experienced
  • Performing clearing work remotely and in absentia
  • Clearing more quickly, easily and intuitively
  • Getting to and remaining neutral in the midst of daily activities
  • Shifting from struggling with a mindset of “slow” and “never” to making and experiencing changes at warp speed
  • Utilizing positive self-talk to maintain a state of improvement and regeneration

The price includes electronic Webinar materials. **For U.S. participants who wish to receive hard copy materials and LeRoy’s two softcover books in the mail, there is an additional $50 cost (plus shipping based on actual USPS charges).  Please email us at info@ewbp.com or call us at (508) 375-6452 after you have registered for the Webinar Series if you would like to purchase hard copy materials.  To ensure timely delivery of hard copy materials for U.S. participants, please contact us no later than September 1, 2020. We will email you an invoice, which must be paid before materials are shipped. At this time, we cannot ship materials internationally as it is too cost-prohibitive to ensure a guaranteed arrival time before the Webinar starts. 


Go to the Workshops tab in our Store, or CLICK HERE!  Email us at info@ewbp.com if you have any questions about registering!


We know this is a commitment and that you may be wondering: “Can I learn to do clearings even if I’ve never done energy work before?” or “Can I integrate this modality into my current practice?” or “Is this program for me, even if I never planned on becoming certified?”  The answer to all of these questions is YES!   But if you have other questions, or want a little more information on these questions, feel free to email or call LeRoy at info@ewpb.com or (508) 375-6452!

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