Experience a FREE Spiritual Train Ride!

Join us for LeRoy’s FREE one-hour Spiritual Train Ride on the second Wednesday of the month at 12:00 p.m. Eastern time.   Connection info is below!

What’s It All About?

LeRoy will lead listeners on a “Spiritual Train Ride” to connect with other beings, other worlds, other universes, other time frames.  He is able to connect with a spiritual “Council” that offers wisdom, guidance, and insight.  This call is not the same as the Group Clearing Session, but you will find that conversations that we have and encounters that we experience will uplift all of us and act like an energetic clearing to all those on the call.

Experience a FREE Group Clearing Session!

Join us for LeRoy’s FREE one-hour Group Clearing Session on the last Wednesday of the month at 12:00 p.m. Eastern time.   Connection info is below!

What’s It All About?

LeRoy will discuss how to get Energetically Strong, how to reinforce your Wellness, Vitality and Resilience, and will also:

* Address your life issues, such as troublesome symptoms (chronic pain and illness), relationship problems, feeling a sense of lack, dealing with everything that has to be done all the time!

* Explain where your symptoms come from, how energetic clearing works, and how to get to neutral!

* Demonstrate how to clear your symptoms by increasing unconditional love, getting a clear description of who YOU really are, and feeling a sense of peace, calm, wonder, amazement, love…!

* Apply this clearing to the WHOLE group! Just attending the Session will benefit you, even if you don’t share aloud any symptoms to be cleared!

All Group Clearing Sessions and Spiritual Train Rides will be done using Zoom.

Please download the free Zoom Cloud Meetings app onto your device from the App Store or Play Store, or download Zoom Client for Meetings to a computer at https://zoom.us/download.

Once you have installed/downloaded the app, on the day of the Group Clearing Sessions click on the applicable link BELOW a few minutes before noon and “Join the Meeting” and then enter this MEETING ID: 216 729 8931

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:

Or iPhone one-tap in U.S.:

Or Telephone in U.S.:
1 929 436 2866  or
1 669 900 6833

International numbers available: