Spring Forward

Just anticipating the warmer weather helps me “spring forward” in the sense of keeping my energy at a high level.  In the Spring, we experience longer days and life budding up from the ground and in the trees.  There will be new births in the animal kingdom.  The winter doldrums start to fade away (thank goodness!) and lighter and brighter feelings can take their place.

For many, it can be a time of new beginnings and growth in our personal lives as well, such as in improving relationships, joining new groups, being more creative in meetings, putting energy into a new initiative, and just opening up to new opportunities in general. For others, there can be an increase in workload, which can be energy draining.

One way to help our energy catch up to the changing of the season is to pay particular attention to gratitude. This can help ground us and facilitate increasing our energy. For the next week, set a goal of remembering to be grateful for at least 10 things in your life every day.  Notice not just the big things in your daily life, but also the smaller things that you may have taken for granted. Then notice how this brings a smile to your face, helps you stay in a more positive frame of mind, and strengthens and keeps your energy up….and then be grateful for that!!!