Five Keys to Fast Energy Work by LeRoy Malouf

There are a number of energy work modalities that target and remove specific root causes of symptoms (of pain, illness, injury, sadness, anger, depression, stress, fear, etc.). At the same time they dramatically increase a clients internal support for reaching their desired state. Seeing people’s symptoms going away quickly is often startling, and results in a change in beliefs and mindset that most people need in order to shift from a problem/disease orientation to a focus on wellness.

The first key to helping energy shift quickly is to keep the work simple enough so that everyone can learn it. One approach that works is to help clients focus their energy along their mid line. This is not a transfer of energy from a practitioner to a client. It does not involve touch. It is an alignment of energy that eliminates symptoms.

An example is, George. George is a 65 year old who had Parkinson’s disease. When he arrived to participate in a two day energy clearing Workshop, he shuffled in – he was only able to move each foot about 4 inches – his arms and hands were locked in an upward position in front of his chest. He attended three workshops. During the first he began to walk normally. During the third he ran around the room and around the building.

The expectations for George were that he would have had the symptoms for life and that they would progressively get worse. Aligning George’s energy along his mid line eliminated his symptoms.

This leads to a second key to fast energy work – clear away everything you have learned, believed, experienced (in yourself and seen in others), and heard from experts and research. Remember that research is about what has happened in the past. Research on the quality of research shows that researchers find what they are looking for! Well designed and conducted research can be helpful in understanding what has happened. It can also lock in our beliefs about the past.

Expert diagnosis of symptoms is also about what is known from the past. The beliefs can become limitations and roots for our symptoms.

It is especially helpful for the client to be cleared of the old beliefs. George “knew” there was no cure for Parkinson’s. He was gradually degenerating along the lines of how everyone “knows” the history unfolds with people who have Parkinson’s.

Negative beliefs can be powerful – in the medical profession they are called Nocebos. Dr. Clifton Meador gives an example of a patient who had esophageal cancer. He states “Everyone in the medical profession knows that no one is cured from esophageal cancer”. The patient was treated, and died in a few weeks. The autopsy showed that there was no esophageal cancer in his body. The patient had two small cancers in other places, neither of which was enough to kill him.

Meador told the Discovery Health Channel “He died with cancer but not from cancer. I thought he had cancer. He thought he had cancer. Everybody around him thought he had cancer…did I remove hope in some way?”

Troublesome nocebo cases suggest that physicians, parents, and teachers can remove hope by programming you to believe you are powerless. Henry Ford was right about the efficiency of assembly lines and he was right about the power of the mind: “If you believe you can or if you believe you can’t…you’re right.” (From “The Biology of Belief” by Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.)

What really makes a symptom go away? The third key is to eliminate all the root causes underlying the symptom. A way of thinking about our symptoms is that they serve as wakeup calls in our lives. Imagine that our ailments and discomforts are created and supported by patterns of root causes, not unlike the roots of a hundred-year-old oak tree. These are energy blockages, consisting of conscious and non-conscious, overlapping layers of negative emotions (such as anger, frustration, impatience, fear), experiences, memories, traumas, reactions, beliefs (as described above), etc. They can be numerous and complex and limit the world we live in.

We have “learned” that our options are to reduce, suppress or “learn to live with our symptoms.” To our credit, we believe that our innate inner wellness over time will bring us back to health. Most of the time it does. But what happens when, as in George’s situation, the symptoms persist, even with the application of many modalities? From a wellness perspective, symptoms are not an isolated aspect of life. They are a person’s communication system saying, “There’s some pattern that needs to be taken care of!”

Different modalities that focus on eliminating root causes have a step-by-step protocol to identifying the causes. Then it is back to the first key – the client aligns their energy down their mid line to remove the causes.

A fourth key to fast elimination of symptoms is to clear away root causes at as general a level as possible, and only clear at a specific level if a symptom is not going away.

The temptation is to search for and clear every specific root possible that is causing a symptom. As various energy modalities have evolved we have learned that it is not necessary to go into such detail – it takes a lot of time. Some modalities focus on grouping symptoms, such as emotions, and clearing them all at once. This greatly speeds up the clearing process.

A fifth key is to clearly define a desired state and then to increase internal support for that state while in the process of removing root causes. For example, a desired state for an injured elbow might be one or more of: strength, stamina, flexibility, mobility, agility, or be able to do things I want to do. A clients energy guides which of these are relevant. Eliminating the root causes enables a client to regain and maintain their normal state of health, wellness, and vitality.

Applying these keys on a step-by-step basis, might go as follows:

To understand and experience, on a simple basis, rationally and intuitively a process of:

  • letting go of beliefs about what can and cannot be done,
  • understanding where our symptoms come from,
  • building belief and confidence that profound shifts can take place,
  • understanding how focusing along the mid line makes the energy strong and supports quickly eliminating symptoms.

To learn and use a rational step-by-step protocol for defining the symptoms, the desired state, and how to measure symptom intensity and progress.

To clear away the symptoms and build internal support for the desired state by mentally and intuitively:

  • finding and clearing away root causes at as general a level as possible,
  • finding and clearing away more specific roots as necessary,
  • checking progress and continuing clearing until the roots are cleared away and the person has full energetic support for their desired state.


Clearing Root Causes IS:

  • Focused on eliminating root causes of symptoms so they go away.
  • Simple and can be learned by all, including children.
  • Focused on putting a person in control of their own health and wellness – to eliminate their own symptoms without depending on anyone else.
  • Direct and non-invasive.
  • For all levels of being and consciousness.

Clearing Roost Causes IS NOT:

  • About reducing, suppressing, or learning to live with symptoms.
  • Achieved by long tedious hours of meditation, spiritual work, spiritual journey, training, or study.
  • Any nobler than fixing a car, remodeling a home, or debugging a computer.
  • Harmful – there are no side effects… the worst things that can happen is nothing.
  • A replacement for conventional and complementary modalities.

Energetic clearing of root causes helps create a major shift in perspective and well being. Profound improvement and rejuvenation become the norm!