Using a Small Trampoline For Exercise by LeRoy Malouf

I do farm maintenance and swim in the warmer months, but in the Winter, I tend not to get much aerobic exercise. I recently found a method of exercise that is fun, quick, and can be done regardless of the weather!

Rebounding is an incredible exercise that benefits the entire body! Rebounding effects every cell in our bodies, and allows our body parts and functions to become stronger, more flexible and healthier. Cells expand and contract through up and down movement, which creates a sort of cellular massage that increases circulation, breaks up blockages, opens blood vessels, improves lymphatic drainage and strengthens the cell membrane.

I recently found out that there is a tremendous difference in the quality of rebounders and mini-trampolines. They are not all the same by any means! I talked with Brian Calvi, and was educated on what makes a good rebounder, and the difference in the quality of exercise when using the right equipment. He introduced me to the Cellerciser, which I purchased and have been using for several weeks now. I am already noticing that I feel more agile, have increased stamina, and my entire body feels more relaxed. I’m also having fun using the Cellerciser.

Rebounding with the right piece of equipment can give a boost to your exercise regimen.