Beware the Warnings

by LeRoy Malouf

The Warnings

Numerous experts, research studies, practitioners, and those selling products warn that we can be harmed daily by poor lifestyles; poor quality foods with low nutrient value and that contain antibiotics, growth hormones, harmful artificial colors and flavors, and additives; detergents; makeup; plastic containers; electronic devices; dry cleaned clothes, insecticides and herbicides; 80,000 new chemicals being produced each year; first and second-hand cigarette smoke, petrochemicals and exhaust fumes, etc. 

An online search of websites and articles reveals statements that “these cause cancer, asthma, allergies, skin rashes, chronic fatigue, multiple chemical sensitivities and other health problems.

“We are exposed to these things all day long, most of them without choice. We can do our best to try to avoid most of these things, but we actually can’t avoid them.“

In essence these are saying we all are going to get one or more of the above symptoms!

How are we reacting to these warnings?

We’ve learned and been taught in many ways to stay away from things that harm us: Our nervous system, survival instincts, “gut feelings”, beliefs and fears about safety, disease, infection, addiction, and prevention cause us to behave in certain ways (like washing our hands and avoiding harmful things).

For the most part we take the “bumps in life” in stride, make changes in our routines to deal with them, and live in a general state of wellness.

But what happens when our reactions to these warnings become over-reactions, and we:

  • start being bothered and worried,
  • develop phobias and obsessive-compulsive patterns, and
  • increase our levels of anxiety, over-worrying, over-analyzing, over-internalizing, over-guarding, over-protecting, over-mothering and over-nurturing?

An unforeseen consequence is that our conscious and unconscious reaction to these “over-protective” thought patterns is that we weaken energy flows in our body, mind and energy fields.

We are told we cannot avoid exposure, so we are doing what we can to protect others and ourselves. Most of us are not really aware of how much we weaken ourselves in the name of being safe and healthy. It seems we are caught in a cycle of weakening ourselves in order to protect ourselves.

Our energy also goes weak any time we are irritated, frustrated, reacting, creating drama, depressed, down, in pain, sad, angry, judging ourselves and others, feeling regret, fearful, etc.

What are the effects of weakening our energy?

Any single weakening thought does not have much of an effect on us. But how many of these thoughts do we have in a day? Four times an hour for our wakening hours is about 23,000 times a year. (Note how many times one of the above warnings or reactions come to mind in the first three hours after you wake up – 23,000 may be a low number.)

This can add up to our energy going weak to 80% of our lives, and strong to only 20%!

The repetitive weakening can cause energy blocks, which in turn can cause symptoms of discomfort and pain. These may be physical, mental, emotional, psychological, psychic or spiritual.

Let’s contrast this with when we are 5 years old. Various observers report that we laugh 300-500 times a day, and are experiencing joy, peace, acceptance, excitement, spontaneity, flexibility, acceptance, etc.! Our energy is going strong to 90% of our lives!

Many authors have traced the effects of the mind body connection both in negative and in positive ways.

According to an article by Devin Scannura titled “Can You Die of Cancer Just From Believing You Have It?”, on, a Nashville physician described a patient who came in with esophageal cancer.  At the time of the event, in 1974, it was accepted by the medical profession that nobody survived this kind of cancer.  The physician, Dr. Meador, told the patient and offered him a treatment. He took the treatment and a few weeks later he died.  An autopsy revealed that there was no esophageal cancer left.  The treatment had worked and there was no other cancer or disease in his body that would explain his death.  The doctor said in essence that the patient died of esophageal cancer but not from esophageal cancer!

In the medical profession these are called nocebos – they can be deadly!  They can have as much impact as placebos that can account for 33-66% of improvements in treatments of patients!  Whether they are accurate or not, our belief that “we are at risk” is enough to “cause us to be at risk”!

Scannura writes, “Nocebo cases like this suggest that physicians, parents, teachers, and the environment can remove hope by programming you to believe you are powerless.”

Author Marilyn Ferguson said, “The deadliest self fulfilling prophecy in our culture is that we degenerate as we age”. I am 81 now and it amazes me that I have bought into aging and degeneration in so many ways! I remember being told in science class in High School that after age 20, all our vital bodily functions decrease in effectiveness by 10% every decade!

And of course this is reinforced by our observing friends and family degenerating and dying.

A participant at a workshop I was conducting asked “What’s the best way to die, heart attack or cancer? I know something is going to get me!” This is a prime example of buying into all the warnings, with a belief we are going to get a deadly degenerative disease, and the consequence is that we most likely will.

From an energy perspective we do not degenerate because another year goes by, we degenerate because we have not learned how to understand or deal with the root causes of our symptoms. By and large the experts don’t know, either.

So, what are we to do to effectively deal with all these warnings?

There are four suggestions.

First, get better educated.

The warnings are based on the beliefs that physical symptoms in our bodies have 100% physical root causes. In doing energy work to clear symptoms we find that, on the contrary, over 90% of the root causes for our symptoms are 90% non-physical!

And, that the root causes are life issues, not health issues. For example, about 12 years ago visiting one of our daughters, our 1 ½ year old grandson began having painful hives spreading from his mouth to his neck to his back. He would only eat milk products, cheese, yogurt, milk, ice cream. They were being told he would have milk and gluten allergies for the rest of his life.

I asked if I might work with him and our daughter said “it can’t hurt”! She was exhausted from not being able to find something else he was willing to eat. I worked with him about :25 and then asked her to feed him milk products, which she reluctantly did. He has not had a reaction ever again.

One cause for allergies is negative emotions and the family had been having difficulties at that time. He absorbed them and reacted. It took :25 to help him energetically clear away the negative emotions and the reactions, and the symptoms went away!. I strengthened him to thrive on milk products and he continues to do so today.

Of course I apologized that it took so long to clear away the symptoms!

Four steps that can help deal with all the warnings in our lives follow.

First, gain a deeper understanding of how our life issues and feelings impact us. Three resources that describe non physical root causes for symptoms are:

  • “Heal Your Body A-Z”, by Louise Hay
  • “Feelings Buried Alive Never Die”, by Karol K. Truman
  • “Healer Wisdom – Beliefs by Disease and Trauma”, by Valeria Moore,

Second, develop a healthy skepticism. Don’t buy into all the warnings.

Realize that numerous people smoke and drink, or get exposed to many different risks, and still live long healthy lives.

In the book “In Defense of Food”, Michael Pollan writes “…American Nutritionists, can’t fathom how a people who enjoy their food as much as the French do, and blithely eat so many nutrients deemed toxic by nutritionists, could have substantially lower rates of heart disease than we do on our elaborately engineered low-fat diets.”

Third, get energetically strong everyday.

When we are strong there is nothing outside of us that is stronger than what is inside of us. Learn how to deal with/eliminate your symptoms. There are an increasing number of modalities that teach how to make symptoms go away. Find those that help you work on yourself as well as others, and that show demonstrable results (rather than having to have treatments for months or years).

Fourth, cultivate a life of joy, fun, positive thoughts and thankfulness.

Clinical research demonstrates that laughter stimulates our immune response and helps to keep us healthy.

Mahatma Gandhi said:

“Your beliefs become your thoughts;

Your thoughts become your words;

Your words become your actions;

Your actions become your habits;

Your habits become your values;

Your values become your destiny.”

I, and others, are finding increasingly simple and direct ways to eliminate root causes of symptoms! There are an increasing number of modalities and products that help people make significant improvements in their lives, and to regain their natural state of health wellness and vitality.