Advanced Workshop©
Knowing and Demonstrating How to Work with Self and Clients

The purpose of this workshop is to enable participants who have completed the requirements (listed below) and want to become Certified EWB Practitioners to make significant increases in their skill at applying the process with clients.

The Advanced Workshop is about:

  • doing the clearing work with greater ease and in more depth
  • connecting and working in tune with self and clients
  • getting stronger and more fit in all ways with each passing year
  • achieving certification

4-day workshop Content:

Participants will demonstrate their ability to:

  • actively and easily connect and be present with clients
  • define priority symptoms and desired state to work with
  • clear the root causes of symptoms
  • gain maximum support for the desired state
  • demonstrate flexibility, comfort, and insight in understanding where the client is at each point in the process
  • quickly move with a client’s energies to the next key point in completing the process

Participants will demonstrate their ability to clear even more challenging symptoms compared to Essentials and Proficiency Workshops:

  • learning a protocol of self-mastery, rejuvenation and anti-aging
  • reducing body size and increasing weight loss
  • clearing tumors and breast lumps
  • resolving itching, dermatitis, skin rash, sunburn, eczema, and acne
  • lowering fevers and hot flashes
  • resolving chills, cold hands and feet
  • energetically correcting pets and their health issues
  • optimizing fitness, strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination
  • creating physical and mental rejuvenation
  • resolving habits and addictions
  • increasing prosperity and enhancing relationships


  • participation in EWBP Essentials Workshop twice (2 separate workshops)
  • participation in EWBP Proficiency Workshop twice (2 separate workshops)

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