Women’s Breasts and Health

by LeRoy Malouf

Cindy called to say, “While doing a self examination, I found a fast-growing, large marble size lump in my left breast. It is hard and about an inch in diameter. My doctor sent me to get a mammogram. Upon examining me the technician as well as the on site doctor made gestures and comments that scared me.”

I did energetic corrections with Cindy focused on eliminating the root causes of the lump. She was upset and scared. We worked twice before the mammogram and once afterward, for :30 to 1 hour each time.

As a result of the first two sessions the lump softened and was slightly reduced in size. I was puzzled that it was not going away, and started thinking about why the lump would be in the breast.

What do breasts represent? There is the obvious sexual over-emphasis on breasts and size by both men and women that is referred to later in the article (and could probably take several books).

Then I thought about both the physical nourishment function of breasts and the emotional mothering and nurturing they represent. Cindy had spoken about a son who has been in repeated and serious trouble.

I checked her energy for feelings of emotional over-mothering and over- nurturing. She was deeply feeling both. She also had feelings of over-guarding, over-protecting, over-analyzing, over-worrying and over-internalizing.

Very Pleasant Surprise

As soon as we made the energetic corrections to clear away these over-protective emotions, the lump immediately shrunk by 50%. There was no time delay – it just shrunk! We worked two more times and the lump was gone and did not return. That was 3 1/2 years ago.

In the normal course of working with clients a part of the energy work is to scan the client to see where their energy is weak and where it is strong. Cindy had weak energy flowing into her breasts. After the 5th session Cindy’s energy was once again flowing fully into her breasts.

All 5 sessions were on the phone. Part of the work is to sharpen skills in perceiving energy flows. I call it additional-sensory perception. All of us sense what’s going on with others and we do it in different ways. For example, you tend to notice a mood of a person when they walk into a room or you talk with them on the telephone.

What else was causing the lump?

There were four other primary areas of non-physical root causes:

  1. Health and wellness fears – of degeneration and dieing and leaving her family
  2. Resonating with negative beliefs about cancer and breast cancer – there are numerous levels of negative beliefs in our culture, including risk and survival rates, expert opinion, research, prescribed treatments and their side effects. Another area of belief is around having the gene that increases the risk of getting breast cancer. This did not apply to Cindy. These beliefs tend to support our dis-ease. What we pay attention to is what we create.
  3. Losing sense of joy and happiness – she had unconsciously been losing her sense of happiness for a couple of years. This weakened her sense of well being and immune response.
  4. “Lumps” in her thinking – such as: a) things cant’ change; b) no faith in things changing; c) fearful of taking next steps in life; d) putting everyone else first and not taking care of herself; e) being bothered by having small or large breasts. This did not apply to Cindy but has been present with other clients.

Physical causes accounted for only about 15% of the roots. She exercises regularly, eats well, and is in good shape.

The roots were energetically cleared away.

Would these same roots be causing lumps for other women?

Another part of the energy work is to prepare for doing the work, which includes being neutral and non-reactive to whatever is going on with a client, and to know nothing—do not assume you know what their symptoms are or what is causing them.

This experience with Cindy did get me to check clients whose energy to their breasts is weak for over-protective emotions. In checking over 40 clients there have been 2 or more of the emotions present.

It appears that these emotions create an energy blockage that reduces the normal positive energy flows to breasts.

This is not a report on a clinical study – rather it is an amazing illustration of what our thoughts can do to our energy and our body.