Essentials Workshop©

The ESSENTIALS WORKSHOP is an Introduction to the EWB Process and how to apply it to symptoms of yourself and others.

What are the benefits of learning EWBP?

  • Eliminating acute and chronic symptoms such as back pain, migraines, insomnia, digestive issues, allergies, etc.
  • Improving issues around relationships, money, health, fitness, occupation, aging, etc.
  • Resolving negative emotions, experiences, fears, and memories, like depression, hopelessness, anxiety, stress and tension

What will you get out of the 2-day Essentials Workshop?  You will:

  • Understand the ideals and steps of the Energetic Well Being Process
  • Learn how to strengthen yourself and others to be energetically strong every day
  • Learn how to perform an energetic assessment of yourself and others using muscle testing, intuition and sensing to locate the root causes of (a) physical, mental, emotional, psychological, psychic and spiritual symptoms, and of (b) life issues that are being experienced
  • Develop skills for clearing away root causes of symptoms in yourself and others
  • Build and sharpen skills in utilizing a variety of energetic clearing protocols for those who are new to energy work AND for established practitioners
  • Actually eliminate these symptoms!
  • Create energetic support for what you want, and eliminating energetic support for what you don’t want
  • Shift from struggling with symptoms and life issues and the mindsets of “slow” to “never” to living with ease and synchronicity and in an increasingly positive state of improvement and regeneration, and experiencing changes at warp speed
  • Perform clearing work remotely and in absentia.

Times are 9am – 6pm on Saturday, and 9am-4:30pm on Sunday (please arrive by 8:30 on Saturday to check in).

EWB also offers the ESSENTIALS HOME STUDY PROGRAM, which brings you the Essentials Workshop right to your own home or office that you do at your own pace.  This VIDEO will introduce you to what comprises the EWB Essentials Home Study, but also includes footage of live workshops.  You will receive workshop materials and a series of video recordings of a previous Essentials Workshop to bring the course to life (we also include audio versions as well, for listening on-the-go).  You have the option of having the Home Study binder sent to you (shipping rates vary) or we can email you the workshop materials via Dropbox for you to print and put in a 3-ring binder.  And let us know when you have finished the course – we will connect you with a Practice Partner who you can schedule times to do clearing work with!

Go to our STORE to register for a workshop or to purchase a Home Study.