Six Ways to Keep Reinforcing Your Wellness, Vitality and Resilience!

by LeRoy Malouf

When we are not focused on a specific mental or physical task, our mind often goes to “do” lists, worries, judgments (self and others), or something that keeps us occupied. Many times these are thoughts that our energy goes weak to.

Six ways to focus our thinking that our energy goes strong to are:

1) By feeling and saying to yourself, “Already healed. Already done.”

This is the essence of what three Chinese practitioners are feeling and saying as they work on removing a tumor from a client in three minutes!

Gregg Braden, an alternative health practitioner, is observing the process through a scan that is showing the tumor disappearing:

2) By repeating, “Every little cell in my body is happy. Every little cell in my body is well.”

This is part of a song that was first created in German by Clemens Kuby, a man who survived a 50-foot fall in the early 1980s, that shattered his 2nd lumbar vertebrae. He was told he would be a paraplegic for life. Clemens did not accept this “diagnosis”. He walked again in less than a year, and still does. It is an amazing recovery because science still can’t explain it. It’s not in the medical books because it’s not logical. Clemens Kuby still has a shattered 2nd vertebrae. Today he holds regular workshops in Germany on the power of self-healing. The full song is:

Every little cell in my body is happy.
Every little cell in my body is well.
Every little cell in my body is happy.
Every little cell in my body is well.
Feel so good. Feel so swell.
Every little cell in my body is well
Feel so good. Feel so swell.
Every little cell in my body is well.

3) By affirming/expressing to ourselves, “Thank you, I love you! I love you, thank you!”

When we are bothered by or reacting to something outside of ourselves, we shift by looking for where/how/when we said/thought/or did the very same thing that is bothering us. We then focus on loving and accepting ourselves for the very same thing. It is as simple as expressing love to ourselves.

This practice was created by Dr. Hew Len and is called “Ho’oponopono”, and a more detailed description can be found HERE.

4) Using the word Shazam.

This is a word trademarked by Marvel Comics (used with permission) that creates a transformation from a negative situation to a positive one. It has a magical quality as in something happening instantly. When said in response to a negative self-talk thought, we immediately shift to positive thoughts and energy!

5) Expressing gratitude.

Being thankful for what we have, as well as what we wish to have, opens the door for more good to come into our lives. Also, when we are grateful for what we want to manifest as though it already exists, we shift our energies to consciously and unconsciously make it happen. When we are constantly asking for something instead of being grateful for what we have, we keep ourselves in a state of continuous wanting. This reduces our abilities to receive and to be content!

Accepting ourselves in all ways does not mean that we only get more of the same. Self-acceptance is a key for positive change. On the other hand, denying our situation attracts more of what we don’t want.

6) Feeling Unconditional Love.

This is a universal love that transcends and persists regardless of circumstances. This love exists without judgments or conditions. Shift your energy by remembering and deepening your own feelings of unconditional love. (Read more about Unconditional Love HERE.)


By regularly shifting our self-talk with one or more of these six ways, we shift our feelings and perceptions from what weakens us to what strengthens us. By stating and/or feeling them in present tense terms, we affirm and support wellness, vitality, and resilience within us!