2018 Group Clearing Session and Workshop Schedule


LeRoy Malouf will be conducting several Group Clearing Sessions this fall in the Maryland/Virginia/Washington, DC area, where he will talk about How to Reinforce Your Wellness, Vitality and Resilience, and will:

  • Address your life issues, such as troublesome symptoms (chronic pain and illness), relationship problems, feeling a sense of lack, dealing with everything that has to be done all the time!
  • Explain where your symptoms come from, how energetic clearing works, and how to get to neutral!
  • Demonstrate how to clear your symptoms by increasing unconditional love, getting a clear description of who YOU really are, and feeling a sense of peace, calm, wonder, amazement, love!
  • Apply this clearing to the WHOLE group! Just attending the Session will benefit you, even if you don’t share aloud any symptoms to be cleared!

2018: Check back soon…dates will be added as they are scheduled!


In order to reach and support more people, we are pleased to announce that tuition rates for ALL of our Workshops have been reduced, and we are also offering an Essentials-Proficiency Package:

Essentials: Was $495 / Now $360

Proficiency: Was $795 / Now $540

Advanced: Was $995 / Now $720

Essentials-Proficiency Package: $625*

*Register and pay for one Essentials AND one Proficiency Workshops and get a 30% discount!  Choose from the dates below and let us know which ones you’ll be attending when you register!  Package must be paid in full upon registering to qualify for package rate.  Click HERE to register for the Package!

Workshops are being held at Be Here Now Yoga Studio, 411 8th Street SE, Washington, DC. On the first day of each Workshop, please arrive at 8:45 to check in.


The Essentials Workshop is about:

  • learning how to strengthen yourself and others in order to be energetically strong every day
  • developing skills for clearing away root causes of symptoms in yourself and others
  • experiencing removal of physical and emotional pain and challenges
  • exploring a variety of energetic clearing protocols for those new to energy work AND for established practitioners

The way LeRoy teaches is to, “explain, demonstrate, and then YOU do it!”  This is the most important part of the skill-building process!


Saturday, May 12th ~ 9am-6pm
Sunday, May 13th ~ 9am-4:30pm
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Saturday, September 22nd ~ 9am-6pm
Sunday, September 23rd ~ 9am-4:30pm
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The Proficiency Workshop is about:

  • expanding capabilities and possibilities
  • remembering and being the essence of who “I Am”
  • increasing skills in living in a natural state of wellness, vitality, energy, peace, harmony, calm, clarity, love, joy, satisfaction, productivity, and kindness
  • optimizing physical presence in this life/dimension

Friday, June 22nd ~ 9am-5pm
Saturday, June 23rd ~ 9am-6pm
Sunday, June 24th ~ 9am-4:30pm
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Friday, December 7th ~ 9am-5pm
Saturday, December 8th ~ 9am-6pm
Sunday, December 9th ~ 9am-4:30pm
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The Advanced Workshop is about:

  • doing the clearing work with greater ease and in more depth
  • connecting and working in tune with self and clients
  • getting stronger and more fit in all ways with each passing year
  • achieving certification

Thursday, January 10th ~ 9am-5pm
Friday, January 11th ~ 9am-5pm
Saturday, January 12th ~ 9am-6pm
Sunday, January 13th ~ 9am-4:30pm
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